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  • We are open to the public for walks in's. Come by at your convenience. For those who want to book a time slot, we are available for appointments as well.
  • All of our consignment firearms are available to anyone that can come to our shop to complete the paperwork. Consignment firearms are roster exempt. So all those nice 2011's and Gen 5 Glocks can be purchased by anyone. All the long guns are 100% CA compliant; including accessories & magazines.
  • You will need a Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC), Valid CA ID, and in some cases (for pistols) a 2nd Proof of Residency at the time of filling out the paperwork. If you do not have an FSC, we can administer the test and certificate at the time of your appointment.
  • Any items not in the consignment section can be sent to your local FFL of choice Please get with your local FFL to make sure they accept transfers. We will reach out to them with the necessary paperwork.
  • We can accept inbound firearm transfers to our store for a fee. Please inquire with us to see if we can order you the firearm before making a purchase. Pistols have to be on the CA roster (unless you are exempt) and long guns must be CA compliant (LEO is not exempt).
  • At this time we do not accept ammo transfers. Please inquire with us for ammo availability and pricing if there is something you want that we don't have.
  • Any further questions? Please reach out to us at any time of the day.


  • Everything on our website (excluding consignment firearms) can be shipped! All local and state laws apply. Please know the limitations of your laws before placing an order.
  • Our special order items are available for out of state sales.
  • Phone orders are also welcomed. 


  • Our website inventory is live and updated daily.
  • If you cannot add to cart, then the item is currently out of stock. Feel free to inquire about future restocks. 
  • Consignment items are available to all CA residents if you are able to come do the paperwork at our location.
  • You can absolutely make an appointment with us to ask questions or take a look before making a purchase.
  • With our vast network of distributors and friends in the industry, let us secure whatever it is you're looking for. 
  • Nighthawks, Atlas Gunworks, Taran Tactical, Fowler Industries and more are available for all CA residents in any part of the state.
  • Have something to sell? We can put your items up for consignment. We will let our customers/followers know about your item and do the necessary marketing to get it sold! Consignment fee varies depending on item.
  • You can reach out to us at any time with any means of communication (Phone / Email / DM).

We are here to service you! Don't be scared to hit us up if you have any requests or questions. As consumers ourselves, we understand the endless hurdles you are faced with! First time? We can guide you through the process!

Other info:

  • We don't sell your information to a third party. We value your privacy!
  • We do not accept "returns" on firearms. Once you take possession of it, it's yours.
  • Deposits are non refundable. Once you commit to a product, so are we, and we're on the hook for paying for it.
  • We ship items based on the information provided by you so double check the address. We are not responsible for lost or damaged packages.